Monday, December 8, 2008

Tanning Background

Tanning all started in 1923 when fashion designer Coco Chanel went on a cruise from Paris to Cannes with a French noble man. She was seen getting off the yacht with him and people noticed that she also had a darker complexion about her, which she claimed she got from staying out in the sun too long. Everyone was wild about her new look. Her tan became the latest fashion trend; for during this time loose clothes were worn that covered up everything. After the tan was discovered people, especially women began to wear tighter fitting clothes that covered less, so they could show off their tans. The two piece swim suit became very popular. It was not until the eighties that indoor tanning came alive. This was such a great idea because people could get a basic tan after just a few sessions and trips after that would enhance their golden bronze look. All it took was a little money and a few minutes of your day to look tan.

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